Going back to Roman Times

06 June 2017


On Thursday 25 May, the 2nd Form visited the Roman Museum in St Albans which is built on the site of the ancient city of Verulamium. The boys have been studying the Romans this term and they were looking forward to seeing some genuine artefacts to bring their history topic to life.

The boys were involved in two workshops on the trip, one heading back in time to a Roman market and the other touring the museum.

In the market, the boys were able to dress up in period clothing and handle different artefacts to get a real feel of what life would have been like in Roman times.  They examined the goods on offer, such as food, clothing and household items and learnt how they were used everyday life.  Highlights included trying on soldiers' helmets, modelling cloaks and togas and discovering the Roman version of toilet paper.  The session ended with a slave auction with Ma’am Riddell up for sale. She was relieved that the shoppers were very generous and that she would be going to a good home.

The museum section of the trip helped reinforce what the boys have been learning in class and something they really enjoyed.  They were taken on a guided tour of the museum galleries to see different artefacts from the ancient city that were discovered when the park nearby was excavated.  They discovered what people looked like, what they ate, the jobs they did and how they lived.  Highlights included seeing genuine skeletons, learning how Roman bridges were built, and seeing the stunning mosaics, remnants of the city wall and the hypocaust, a Roman version of underfloor heating.

To end the day the boys enjoyed a walk around the lake where they were fortunate to see a baby coot hatching from its shell.  All boys agreed it was a perfect end to a memorable trip to St Albans.


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