4th Form take on Warwick Castle

18 May 2017


This week, the 4th Form visited Warwick Castle as part of their study on Medieval England.  The trip was a fantastic way for the boys to really get to grips with the nature of power and warfare during the medieval period and will lay the foundations for their next study on the War of the Roses.

The boys learnt a great deal about how Warwick Castle was able to defend itself during attacks, how the castle developed overtime to overcome new technology and the different tricks and surprises the defenders came up with to thwart their attackers.

The boys were also able to see the different types of weaponry the castle would have used during the 100 Years War by watching a demonstration by the Warwick Castle bowman and getting involved in a workshop about armour and swords.

Overall the boys had a great time getting involved and learning more from being in the field.


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