IAPS Fencing Tournament

17 May 2017


On Sunday 14 May, the Caldicott Fencing Team went to Millfield Prep School to compete in the 2017 IAPS Fencing Tournament. The team consisted of Six boys from the 5th Form: Anthony C, Madiwa A, Daniel B, Gleb K, Mungo M and William Ma.  All boys competed in two rounds and went through to the knockout round. In the first round, each competitor had six battles. Unfortunately, one of our team mates was unable to compete due to illness but was great support to the team.

Each of us were assigned to a piste or strip. All of us faced at least one or two fencing foil champions or GB Team members. We all tried our hardest and fought well remembering to abide by the rules so that no matter who we faced it would be as fair as possible.

Some of us had some amazing games, winning a few, but we also had some losses.  We have learnt from this and there is room for improvement, which we will be working towards for the next championship next year.

Then it was to the final round, we all fought our hardest but lost. We have lots of positive notes to take back which again we will be working on for the future.

We then all returned home with feedback from our coach and then all swiftly returned to school on Sunday night. 

Anthony C (5th Form)


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