Body Image and Screen Time with Dr Aric Sigman

11 May 2017


Caldicott welcomed Dr Aric Sigman to speak to boys and parents recently about managing screen time and screen dependency, and the pressures of body image. 

Dr Sigman talked about the effects of electronic media on the development of the brain and how we can take simple steps to reduce the amount of time spent looking at electronic devices.  Boys and parents learnt that having an excessive amount of screen time affects cognitive skills, attention, brain development, literacy and academic achievement.  He went on to recommend the different types of electronic media and timescales children should be using when they are not at school and advised parents on how to prevent problems and improve the situation.

With body image pressures becoming more prevalent amongst boys in recent years, Dr Sigman also spoke about puberty, exercise, the impact of the media on self-image and encouraged the boys to be confident in their own talents and strengths, which in turn will help them become less self-focussed.

Dr Sigman has a degree in Psychology, a Masters in neurophysiological basis of the brain and a PhD in the role of attention in automotive nervous system self-regulation.  He gives regular talks to schools and parents on a variety of topics such as alcohol, the pressures of physical appearance and body image, and parenting tips for a demanding generation.



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