Let’s Debate

28 February 2017


4th Form boys, Hunter D, Ferdie G and Fabian W, were chosen to represent Caldicott in the “Let’s Debate” competition held at The Oratory School on Thursday 23 February.

With many Prep schools taking part, the morning consisted of a series of workshops: perfecting good posture, voice projection, eye contact and reasoning; a quick thinking game to help boys speak on a topic without hesitating, deviating or repeating themselves; and finally, learning about the rules of debating.

After a few practice rounds the boys were ready for the main event. Arguing in favour of “This house would prefer to live in Britain than America” the boys debated very well, drawing on good knowledge and using considered arguments to fight their cause.

Overall the boys had a fantastic day where they learnt a lot about debating, working as a team and learning from others.


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