3rd Form's Trip to Hampton Court

01 November 2012

On the 11th October, Third Form enjoyed a trip to Hampton Court. Below are a few accounts written by some of the Third Form boys.

On October 11th we went to Hampton Court Palace. My first impression when I came to the gates was that it was so incredible that people in the 15 hundreds built something so big. What I saw was incredible - how delicate the stonework was on the chimneys and everywhere. In some places it smelt like smoke and some places like meat and flowers. It felt pretty awesome because people from history actually lived there. My favourite thing about Hampton Court was the amazing tapestries - the threads on them were so tiny. By T Haynes.

I really enjoyed looking around the gardens. They were amazing. We saw trees that looked like giant mushrooms. We also saw some beautiful plants. They were blue, green, yellow and pink. There were quite a few statues, including a monument for Queen Elizabeth, which was on top of the most fantastic fountain, which was at least five feet tall. The gardens were exactly symmetrical and there was a tunnel made out of trees. After that we saw the real tennis court. We were lucky enough to watch a little bit of a real tennis game. There were loads of signs on the court which were difficult to understand. We had to be very quiet while we watched. By S Munro.

One of my favourite rooms was William III’s watching room, which had more than six hundred guns and swords of different types decorating the walls. The walls were covered in lovely patterns made out of guns, swords, daggers and spears. There was no part of the walls where there wasn’t any weapon of some kind. I was amazed that they were mostly still sharp after 300 years. By N Douglas-Home.

My favourite part was when we went into the great halls, because there were amazing tapestries and wonderful glass windows. There were also long tables and benches for the courtiers to eat their huge meals. At the end of the hall was the table where Henry ate, but apparently he only ate there twice a year. We would like to thank all the staff who made this most enjoyable trip possible. By A Timms.


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