Tonbridge Athletics

15 June 2016

Yesterday the Caldicott 6th form athletics squad performed brilliantly at Tonbridge, coming first out of eight schools in the U14 competition.

All the other schools also had an U12 team competing, but we still managed to come third overall without one!

Medal winners were:

R. White: 1st in shot put, 2nd in 100m.

A. Teague: 1st in 800m

F. Abel: 2nd in 200m, 3rd in hurdles.

W. Petschek: 2nd in hurdles, 2nd in javelin.

L. Nicholas: 2nd in long jump, 3rd in 300m.

R. Cuttell: 3rd in long jump

R. Cuttell / L. Nicholas / R. White / S.Gutierrez Domenech: 1st in 4x100m relay

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