Eton College

How to get there from Caldicott:

  • South on the A355 towards Windsor
  • Through several sets of traffic lights to the A4. Go left, towards Slough.
  • Quite quickly into the right-hand filter lane, then go right (traffic light controlled).
  • Through the two traffic-calming sections, then right at the road junction.
  • Down to the traffic lights. Go effectively straight on (slightly left, then immediately right).
  • Follow the road to the next set of traffic lights and turn right.
  • To the roundabout (100m), then left (Eton) and straight across the next, smaller, roundabout.
  • Ahead you will see Eton College Chapel (you really can't miss it!).
  • Follow the road, and park where you can in the town.

For information, go through the town centre and turn right. You will find two pay-as-you-go car parks. You may also be able to park at other places in the town, though check carefully - some of these are also charged.