Caldicott Premier League Round 1 Report

Position Team Played Won Lost Tied E/H/F Points
1 Barbarians 1 1 0 0 9.1 12
2 GXplosives 1 1 0 0 66 11
3 Warriors 1 1 0 0 15 10
4 Devils 1 0 1 0 3.1 3
5 Sledgehammers 1 0 1 0 6.4 0
6 Tornadoes 1 0 1 0 5.8 0


  • Barbarians 64-7 (12 pts) beat Devils 25-8 (3 pts)
  • GXplosives 66-1 (11 pts) beat Sledgehammers 32-5 (0 pts)
  • Warriors 30-2 (10 pts) beat Tornadoes 29-6 (0 pts)

CPL is back! Despite the dreadful monsoon conditions round 1 of CPL 2012 took place in a rare outbreak of sunshine on Tuesday down on Spens Field. Auctions were held the previous week and this was the first chance for players to show their form in their new teams and to stake a claim for the 2012 trophy which is currently held by the Beaconsfield Barbarians.

Last season’s champions the Barbarians showed they will still be a force to contend with after a comprehensive defeat of the Devils. In a high score of 64-7 Liang smashed an unbeaten 24 and he was ably supported by A’Brassard with 14. Curtis picked up 2 wickets early on for the Devils but after that they found the moist conditions difficult, whilst Kim showed his bowling capabilities with 3 wickets for the Barbarians.

GX’s high score of 66-1 set up their victory over the Sledgehammers courtesy of 23* and 21* from Jung and Okuwoga. In reply the Sledgehammers struggled to contend with Okuwoga’s bowling and were left licking their wounds with a modest score of only 32-5.

There was an explosive start to the final match as Granville pulled off a brilliant - some might say lucky - run out to remove the Tornado danger man Barnes off the first ball of the match, and then next ball caught and bowled Crossley to leave the Taplow side reeling at 0-2. They eventually managed to recover to 29-6 thanks to the efforts of Ruhan and Moran-Cantelar, but this was always going to be a difficult total to defend. In reply Temple and Guan sensibly got the Warriors to within a few runs of the target before debutant Khudoyan struck with his first ever wicket in a cricket match. Right at the end there was controversy as the umpire appeared to have left his white stick and guide dog behind and allowed Ariyo to be bowled off a huge no-ball that nearly brought down a plane heading out of Heathrow - much to Ariyo’s astonishment (and disgust).

The poor weather means we are not sure when round 2 will be, but there are sure to be some explosive matches and changes to the table.