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Woozle Workshop!

12 March 2015

Today the Second Form took part in a creative exploration workshop. The boys’ task was to create a story about the endangered species, ‘woozles’. They learnt how to brainstorm and come up with ideas, about the importance of pre-writing and how to peer conference and edit their work. The boys created some fantastic pieces. The following was written by M Koval and J Leslie.

Oh no,” said mum in a stressed voice, “We are going to be late for school!” The traffic jam was not moving at all, it was usual for a misty Monday morning. I was taking in my green woozle to show my fantastic teacher. My woozle is called Bob, he used to be my dad’s but as they live for a long time, he is now mine. As we were sitting in the car, it was getting rather boring and it started to rain heavily. The rain was getting harder. As it was pouring on the window, I took out my little woozle and murmured “I wish I could do something about the traffic.” My mum was getting out her phone to call the Headmaster and say that I was going to be late for school. I wondered if this traffic would ever end. I opened the cage Bob was in and took him out gently. Immediately, everything started to turn and a second later we appeared at the school car park. “Now,” I said to Bod, “I never knew you could do that!”

That’s why we need to protect woozles as we don’t know what special powers they might have!

Working on their stories.

Creating their woozles!