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Declamations Final

22 January 2015

On Wednesday 21st, Caldicott hosted the final of its Declamation competition. Since the start of this term, every boy in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th form has performed to their English class, a poem or passage of prose that they have learnt by heart. The best from each year group had the opportunity to compete in front of parents, staff and boarders in the Centenary Hall. Mr Christopher Ellott, the Head of English at Radley College, adjudicated the competition, providing insightful and positive feedback on each boy’s Declamation. It was also his unenviable duty to decide which individual would gain the prize for the best performance. With an incredibly mixed selection of pieces; including poetry, soliloquies, speeches and novel extracts, it was a difficult task to separate the field. As well as awarding a prize for each year group winner, Mr Ellott was able to award an additional, Special Prize to a performance that missed out on the winning position but was still worthy of great admiration.

The Prizes:
3rd Form winner – H Ridley The King’s Breakfast - A.A. Milne
4th Form winner – W Conyers Goldilocks and the three bears - Roald Dahl
5th Form winner – H Lloyd Yorke The Lion and Albert - Marriott Edgar
6th Form winner* – T Ward Extracts from “My sister’s keeper” - Jodi Picoult
*(Indicates the overall winner of the competition.)
Special Prize – T Adamo Speech – “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” - Patrick Henry