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Caldicott Garden Area

27 November 2014

At Caldicott we now have our own gardening area. This was created last spring and over the summer term, 3rd and 4th formers in activities and boarders at the weekends, cultivated the soil and tended to the plants.

We grew a huge variety of fruit and vegetables including sweetcorn, carrots, potatoes, runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries and some huge pumpkins! (Which were then used by the kitchen to make pumpkin soup!)

We also planted a herb garden, and try to remember what different herbs smell like to identify them easily.To encourage pollinating insects into our garden we also grew a number of different flowers including gladioli, geraniums and the beautiful smelling sweet peas.

  1. Our Strawberry bed just after planting.
  2. Watering our sweet peas.
  3. Our potatoes are growing!
  4. Planting our strawberry bed.