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Layers of The Earth Cake!

14 October 2014

A plate tectonics lesson was brought to life by J. Muller (4C) on Monday 13th October after he accepted TWEC's challenge to make a cake representing the four layers of the Earth! The 4th form are studying Earthquakes and Volcanoes this term and the boys have recently been looking at the Earth's structure. Having seen a video of a Layers of the Earth cake, J. Muller took it upon himself to make one for his class. As seen on the pictures Jack's cake represented the four main layers of the Earth: the Inner Core (madeira cake), Outer Core (red velvet cake), Mantle (chocolate cake) and the Crust (a chocolate frosted coating). The smarties represented continents in the northern hemisphere and the crushed up meringue was the Arctic Circle. It was an extremely enjoyable lesson!