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2nd Form go Wild!

26 June 2014

On Wednesday afternoon, some intrepid Caldicott explorers (the 2nd Form), ventured into the wilds of the Burnham Beeches for a nature walk. The weather was glorious and the surroundings were appreciated by all. The boys were encouraged to use their ears as well as their eyes to soak-up this special local habitat, which we are so lucky to have on our door-step. We snaked our way through the bog area in complete silence, which enabled the boys to notice every little detail, from glistening spiders’ webs to dancing dragonflies and all the mosses and ferns. We had read the information boards and were definitely more keen-eyed than usual once we learnt that adders live in the Beeches! The boys reflected on how humans have impacted on this natural environment, for example with noise pollution, and we discussed some of the benefits that visitors can bring too. We also thought about the food chains that would be present around us, and worked to identify some trees by looking at their leaves. We spotted some spectacular fungi and, once we had established that we weren’t referring to Mr Harper and Mr Bentall, looked them up in a book! All-in-all another fantastic Caldicott afternoon; thank you to Mr Harper for organising this.