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110th Anniversary Celebration Concert

06 May 2014

On Friday 2nd May, a concert was held at St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the school.

The concert began with a number of instrumental ensembles playing a range of pieces, from the Super Mario Brothers and Eye of the Tiger to Eine Kleine Nachtmusic.  

Following this, the whole school, almost three hundred boys, performed the cantata Captain Noah and His Floating Zoo written by Michael Flanders and Joseph Horovitz. The cantata was accompanied by a live orchestra and by the soprano, Susan Piggott and the tenor, Roy Rashbrook.  

Please click on the following links to watch videos of both the instrumental groups and the Noah performance:
Instrumental Groups:

The Caldicott Secret Army performing a composition by Julian Bown

The choir with the orchestra in front of them

The guitar ensemble