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2nd Form Declamations

10 March 2014

On Thursday 7th March, the 2nd Form declamations took place in the school chapel. The whole of the year group had previously taken part in their class finals and were judged on their clarity, expression and entertainment. Fourteen boys made it through to the final.


H Ridley

A Letter to a Friend

Gillian Whittome

T Sykes

Please Mrs Butler

Allan Ahlberg

A Stonor

Daddy Fell into the Pond

Alfred Noyes

W Morris

My Teacher Ate my Homework

Kenn Nesbitt

T O’Brien

Song of the Witches

William Shakespeare

T Ferneyhough

Good Morning Dear Students

Kenn Nesbitt

A Munro

My Teacher Took my iPod

Kenn Nesbitt

R Catherwood Smith

Jiggery Pokery

Neil Hannon

N Stoian


Celia Warren

H Sibson

Colonel Fazackerley

Charles Causley

J Culley

Homework! Oh, Homework!

Jack Prelutsky

A Turner

If I Were King


G Koval


Roald Dahl

G Black

Homework! Oh, Homework!

Jack Prelutsky

J Catherwood Smith


Seamus Heaney













Mr Hanrahan and Mr Evans adjudicated and commented on the high standard of the declamations and Mr Hanrahan gave detailed feedback to each boy, highlighting the characteristics which contributed to their excellent performances.

The prizes were awarded as follows:

1st Prize = R Catherwood Smith

2nd Prize = J Catherwood Smith

3rd Prize = W Morris

Special Prize = G Koval

A huge congratulations must go to all the boys and also a big thank you to their parents, for their help and support throughout.