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Prep School Debating Day

12 February 2014

On Tuesday 11th February, three boys from the fourth form went to the Oratory Senior school to compete in the Prep School Debating Day.  The boys were split into groups and given a series of skill sessions by the A level students, including "How to construct and argument", "The format of formal debating" and "Speaking Impromptu".  The competition had grown since last year, with twelve school competing rather than eight.

After lunch, the boys from Caldicott prepared their argument for the formal debate.  They had to argue in opposition to the motion "This house believes that the rich should shoulder the bulk of the tax burden".  It was a complicated position to argue from, but the boys did a fantastic job of formulating a series of relevant arguments and constructing two speeches, an argument summary and a list of questions for their opponents, all in the space of half an hour.

The debate itself was against Northcote Lodge who were proposing the motion.  Both teams argued well and there was a lively series of questions after the speeches that challenged and entertained everyone present.  In the end, it was determined that Caldicott had argued their case better and so won their debate.  The invigilator's decision was that Summer Fields Prep were the most convincing team on the day, with their proposition that Scotland should be an independent country, so they won the trophy.

Nevertheless it was an extremely enjoyable and valuable day for all the boys involved.

 W Petschek, R Randev and G Cusworth with their certificates from the day.