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First Form Recreat Digestion

11 November 2013

As part of their science work on digestion, the First Form made faeces!

Step 1

A breakfast of banana, cereal and coffee was put into the mouth along with salvia. This was then chopped up to simulate the cutting action of the incisor teeth and mashed to simulate the action of the molars.

Step 2

The mixture was then put into our homemade stomach along with acid and the enzyme, protease. This was then massaged to replicate the contracting and relaxing of the stomach muscles.

Step 3

It was then passed through the alkaline small intestine which contained lipase and the nutrients were absorbed into the blood stream leaving mostly waste products.

Step 4

The food then went into our large intestine, which removed the moisture in it.

Step 5

The mixture went into the rectum made from a bin bag where it was excreted through the anus!