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Wind and Brass Band festival at Radley College

10 October 2013

On Monday, 5 boys ( J Ewart Smith, T Parker, H Pooley, A Shin and T Ward)went with JEMW to Radley College to take part in a Wind and Brass Band festival. There were over 100 children from a selection of prep schools. The players were divided into sections for the first half of the day, and worked as a combined Wind Band in the second half. In the concert, each section played a work on their own, and then the combined Wind and Brass played two pieces to finish with, including an arrangement of the dramatic Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian. The boys all had an excellent day, including lunch, tea and cakes, and a brief look around the new Sewell Gallery.

J Ewart Smith, T Parker, T Ward, H Pooley and A Shin during their visit to Radley College.

H Pooley enjoying his tea!