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Extreme Reading Competition Results

19 September 2013

Lots of fantastic and imaginative entries were received and a large quantity of these will be enlarged and put up around the school to be admired! The judging was very difficult however the winners are as follows:

Overall winner- G Green

2nd Form
1st- H Sibson
2nd- O Alcock
3rd- A Stonor

3rd Form
1st- H Wheatland
2nd- R Farquahr
3rd- F Miller

4th Form
1st- O Crewdson
2nd- N Douglas Home
3rd- F Abel

5th Form
1st- A Leney 
2nd- W Morley
3rd- F Hull

6th Form
1st- C Sellers
2nd- H Nicol
3rd- F Watson Smyth

Special Awards

Fastest- L Murton and G Staveley
Best bounce- L Nicholas
Best use of mirrors- Max Gallagher
Most disregard for Health and Safety- A Morrison
Muddiest- W Hope
Highest- M Ferreira
Funniest- N Martin
Slowest- F and W Lagesse
For being able to read upside down- G Perkins
Most engrossed in his book- Charles Tallis
Best photograph from a new boy- A Courtauld