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Music competition

18 June 2013

Last night all the Boarders attended a concert of instrumental and singing performances. The instrumental players were grouped by years, and the singing class was a mixture. The singing was adjudicated by MRB who gave an energetic and enthusiastic critique of each performance, finally awarding the prize to W Hobbs for his ‘story-telling’ and strong communication with the audience, with G Oakland commended as runner up for his beautifully sweet tone and accuracy of line. RBR adjudicated the instrumental classes, commenting on each performance  with insight and musical perception, and warmly congratulating the boys for their confidence and commitment. We are grateful to both judges for their time and interest in the boys’ performances.

Instrumental winners were E Urashima, H Pooley and O Atkins, whilst G Drax, J Chang and R Wendelken-Dickson were commended. There were 17 performances in total.

Some of the competitors with MRB and RBR