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Third Form's visit to the Intech Science Centre

14 May 2013

On Monday, 22nd April, the 3rd form visited the Intech Science Centre near Winchester. First we had a talk about what we were going to do and after that it was like the world had exploded as everyone rushed off to an activity. There were hundreds of activities and it would be impossible to get bored. I soon learnt that all the machines weren’t there just to play with but they all had something to do with science.                      

The first thing that I saw when we arrived was a floating ball that was powered by a fan. The thing that was really strange was that the ball wasn’t above the fan but it was facing it!                                                                                                                                                                             

The centre had two floors. The bottom floor was all about movement and forces, whilst the top floor was the sports section, which was inspired by the London Olympics of 2012. The sports section had a running track which had sensors detecting if you made a false start and when you finished. There was also a rowing machine like in a gym but in the form of a video game. Another thing I tried was the wheelchair basketball. It was really hard until you got use to it.

My favourite part upstairs was the rowing machine which read your brainwaves and you had to try and get this ball to the opposite side of a cylinder, whilst somebody opposite you was trying to get the ball to your side. The way it worked was that you had a strap on your head that read your brainwaves to move the ball and if you were more calm, the ball would go to the other person.

There were lots of other amazing things to do, for example: a shooting range, a balancing board and a flexibility machine. My favourite was the shooting range. The Olympians must have trained on these for the Olympics. Time went so fast we had to go to lunch.

After lunch we went to the planetarium. We were shown a huge map of the universe and made to realise how tiny our galaxy is compared to the whole universe which has over 100 billion galaxies! I would not like counting that!

We learnt that our sun is just a star and that stars have different colours. If a star is red it is a cold star but if it is blue it is a hot star.

We also learnt all about Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. Mercury is a giant grey rock and Jupiter is a gas planet, where gravity keeps the gas compacted. Uranus was originally named George to flatter the English king.

It was a fantastic day and I would definitely go back again.

Even the staff enjoyed the trip!