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Bergersen Quartet- Thursday 2nd May

29 April 2013

The music department is delighted to be presenting this innovative concert by the Bergersen Quartet on Thursday 2nd May at 1900 in the Centenary Hall. The Bergesen Quartet includes Craig Stratton, one of our visiting instrumental teachers, and in one work will also feature Andy Crowdy, one of our guitar teachers. The Quartet specialise in contemporary and unusual compositions, and this programme promises to be both surprising and inspiring. The main work is 'Different Trains' for String Quartet an electronic recording by Steve Reich, a composer whose music some of the boys have explored this year. Reich uses speech intonation, reminiscences of survivors, recorded train sounds and a live string quartet to create collage and a gripping soundscape reflecting on the reality of the holocaust. This performance will also include projection and dance. Parents are warmly invited to attend.