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Subject Spotlight: Science – A Deeper Look Into the Body

24 September 2021


Our approach to teaching at Caldicott is tailored to suit boys and research shows us that boys generally respond better to kinaesthetic (hands-on) learning, which is why we integrate this into as many parts of school life as possible. One example this week comes from Science, in which our 6th Form have been dissecting lambs' organs, which were kindly donated to us. Lambs’ organs are very similar to humans’ and so a lot can be learnt from them; as you can see from the photos, our boys have been (literally) getting a feel of the functions and composition of the liver, heart, lungs.

Especially at this young, prep school age, children are more engaged when doing something practically and learning via experience as opposed to purely theoretical study. There is of course, a big place for studying textbooks, especially when Common Entrance is involved, but to rely purely on this approach is not taking the full picture of a boy’s needs into account. It was clear from these Science lessons that the boys aren’t forgetting what they learnt anytime soon, and it was incredibly rewarding to see their genuine interest, with lots of questions being asked.