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Caldicott’s Community Art Competition Winners!

26 March 2021


During lockdown, the Art department introduced a competition for the whole Caldicott community titled, ‘A View From My Window’. The goal was to create a piece of art (in any format desired) including at least part of a window frame… the rest was up to you! The idea of painting something seen through a window is a classic subject, with Matisse’s work being amongst the most famous examples.

Mr Williams was delighted by how the boys embraced the competition, as well as the families of boys, some of whom wrote to Mr Williams saying they hadn’t picked up a brush in years and so were ecstatic at this opportunity to do so. The variety of entries really made the competition a pleasure to judge, with some artists creating images of exactly what they saw, and others constructed images of what they missed, or were looking forward to.

Below you can find the list of runners-up and winners, followed by some of their work.


Lower School (1st and 2nd Form):


Thomas Leggett

Brian Lin

Alexander Rudge

James Rudge

Winner:  Joshua Stevens-Graham


Middle School (3rd and 4th Form):


Cosmo Clifton

Thomas Fenston

Lev Pankov

Toby Pitcher

Winner:  Jeremy Yang


Senior School (5th and 6th Form)


Antony Cheng

Indranil Gupte

Rupert Lian

Jack Napier

Winner:  Alex Cheng


Relatives and Friends


Mrs Faye Gauguier 

Mr John Hutson 

Mrs Shirley Leggett 

Miss Eva Chen 

With a Special Commendation to Alfie Hutchings

Winner:  Mrs Suzi Pitcher


Family Group

The runners-up were:

The Ridley Family 

Winners:  Grimsey Family