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Spring Concert and Boarders' Entertainment Evening

24 March 2021


It was a delight to be able to present a concert of individual music and drama performances for the boarders on Tuesday evening. It has been a long time since boys have performed to a live audience, and an equally long time since boys have been able to enjoy being in an audience. Sitting in their separate year groups, and wearing face coverings throughout the performance, the boys were an excellent audience, paying good attention to those performing and showing their appreciation with dignified applause. This is an important part of remembering what it means to be a Caldicott boy in school, where we support, appreciate and acknowledge the good work of our peers. All boys who performed were composed and confident, and everyone acquitted themselves very well. There was a range of styles and genres, and the musical and dramatic content included both serious and light-hearted material. Ma’am Beatie-Zarb produced an informative ‘COVID-safe’ programme presented on the big screen, giving the titles and composers/authors of each work and an illustration for each showing where they came from. Well done to all who took part.

May I take this opportunity to thank once again all the musicians and students in the school, and their visiting teachers, for their continued hard work over this challenging Spring term. It is a great credit to them all that our performing arts continue to thrive despite the disruptions. Thank you also to parents for continuing to support their son and the school in the performing arts.

We also include here our ‘Drum Up’ video; a project led by Mr Brown including all the drummers in the school who have continued tuition during lockdown.