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Anand's Literary Pursuits

19 March 2021


Anand was bought his first book before he was even born, and had read a book by 3! It should come as no surprise then that he is still an avid, passionate reader. Over the past few weeks, he has written to around a dozen of his favourite authors, sharing how he has connected with their books and about the projects he has worked on related to them. Anand’s exploits have resonated with many of these authors, and he has been fortunate enough to hear back from them.

Anand decided to start an ‘Around the World’ project based on Alistair Humphrey’s book, The Boy Who Biked the World. Anand has been inspired by Humphrey’s incredibly ambitious nature; over a four-year period, he cycled 46,000 miles around the world, and has written a number of books detailing these exploits. The project Anand worked on involved ‘travelling’ the world through research, uncovering some very interesting facts; starting in the UK, he then made his way to Africa, followed by USA, Asia and then back to Europe where he returned home. After Alistair Humphrey heard about this brilliant project, he wrote a note back to Anand (found below) to say how impressed he was!

Anand was incredibly excited to hear back in one way or another from various other authors, including the iconic Sir David Attenborough! Kjartan Poskitt, the author of the Murderous Maths series also wrote back to Anand, as well as Gillian Cross who sent him a signed copy of her book, The Great Elephant Chase.

Seeing Anand’s keenness for literature and never-ending enthusiasm is a source of great pride and he undoubtedly epitomises a Caldicott boy who has discovered his passions!