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Celebrating British Science Week at Caldicott

12 March 2021


This week is British Science Week, and the boys have been carrying out all kinds of interesting science experiments. This hand-on nature of Caldicott lessons is a key element of how we tailor education for boys, and this week has been a perfect excuse to get the boys excited by science, through various experiments.

The 1st Form (Year 3) have been experimenting with light and spectography in their science lessons this week. Ma’am Rule’s class used a kitchen roll and a CD to create a device known as a spectroscope which is used to split light. As the boys looked through their homemade spectroscopes, they were amazed by the vibrant spectrum of colours they could see. Looking at different light sources caused the rainbow-like display of colours to change slightly – the boys loved this visual reinforcement they were getting, compounding what Ma’am Rule was teaching them in a practical way.

Moving down the Junior Corridor, you can find the 2nd Form (Year 4) building elastic band cars, using lollypop sticks, bottle tops and, of course, elastic bands. When the elastic bands are spun around the axle, it creates a stored form of energy (elastic potential energy) which is then converted into kinetic energy (movement).

The 3rd Form (Year 5) are pictured below creating ‘robo-bugs’! Combining lessons from computing and science, the boys are using knowledge gained during VC2 and applying it to solve real-world problems. By first cutting out the shape of their insect in cardboard, they will be fitting it with a microchip, which can be programmed for a multitude of different practical purposes, from search and rescue missions to sustainable construction.

Oil-based plastics have many benefits in society and have been used widely for years, however, there are also serious long-term problems they can cause. The 4th Formers (Year 6) have been learning about the different types of plastics, from both a chemical and a physical point of view. Next week, they will be using their theoretical knowledge in pursuit of creating their own bioplastic, which will hopefully be more sustainable than the widespread plastics currently used.

5th Form (Year 7) have also been involved in experiments of their own, learning about how electricity is made. By using magnets and wire, the boys created their own motors; once the motors were spun manually, the electromagnetic power of the magnets connected to a power supply, continued the spinning motion – creating a fully functioning motor. The next stage of this project, which the boys will be carrying out in lessons next week, will be doing the reverse of this experiment. Instead of supplying the motors with power, they will attempt to get the motor to spin via wind turbines and water wheels, and use the motor’s power to charge a mobile phone!

Throughout this project the boys are learning the way they learn best – through practical, hands-on lessons. What better way is there to learn something than to put your theoretical knowledge to the test and witness the results first-hand? We are very glad that the boys are loving the extra emphasis on science lessons as we celebrate British Science Week, this week at Caldicott!