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Page Turners and World Book Day

04 March 2021


Page Turners, our 2021 readathon, draws to a close after a brilliant week of World Book Day celebrations. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the boys, parents and staff who have been part of it. This has been a fundraiser for the Dusty Yak orphanage in Nepal and as part of Page Turners, a group of boys have been taking part in online readings with the girls at the orphanage, helping them with their spoken English and learning some Nepali along the way. We are thrilled that the boys wish to continue this initiative beyond Page Turners. 

Even though we had to scale back some of our original plans for World Book Day, there was no way we wanted to miss out on hearing from our guest author, Onjali Raúf. Her latest book “The Night Bus Hero” (our reader with the Dusty Yak girls) deals with issues such as homelessness and bullying; it was wonderful to hear her talking so animatedly about her inspirations and the ways that she has been motivated to help others through her foundation, 'Making Herstory'. The boys got to ask some fantastic questions at the end, and it was a pleasure to introduce Onjali to the Dusty Yak girls in Nepal.

As an extra special feature of this year’s World Book Day, Mr Evans and Ma’am Duncan invited parents to join them for an evening to discuss David Nott’s autobiography “The War Doctor”, which recounts his experiences performing life saving and life changing surgery in extremely hostile environments. The book provided fodder for profound and insightful discussion and it was a real pleasure to catch up with the parents who were able to attend.

We are proud of the efforts made by many of the boys and it truly has been a team effort. We have awarded prizes to the following boys for their performance. Our decision has been based on those who have read the most pages, read the widest breadth of genres, created engaging and creative virtual book reviews, and taken the time to spread the joy of reading with others.  


Lower School 

Arnav O (1st Form/Year 3) - Read his review...

Joshua B (1st Form/Year 3) - Watch his review...

Otto C (2nd Form/Year 5) - Read his presentation...

Alexander R (1st Form/Year 3) 


Middle School 

Cosmo C (3rd Form/ Year 5) - Read his presentation...

Chiyu Z (4th Form/ Year 6) - Read his presentation...

Toby P (3rd Form/ Year 5) 


Senior School 

Tommy A (5th Form/ Year 7)

Teddy M (6th Form/Year 8)

Max LF (6th Form/Year 8)


Most Imaginative Book Reviews 

Rafe G (2nd Form/Year4) - Watch his video review...

Jackson C (3rd Form/Year 5) - Watch his video review...


Special Prize - reading for others 

Edward B (4th Form/Year 6) - Page Reader for Dusty Yak and reading to his younger siblings at bedtime throughout lockdown (pictured below).


If you have not been able to make your donation yet, you can do so on this Just Giving page. The Dusty Yak Foundation is absolutely incredible and we really appreciate your support. 


A special thank you must also go to our Page Readers, who gave up their lunch breaks and volunteered to take part in readings with the Dusty Yak girls in Nepal - Toby A, Tommy A, Harry B, Edward B, Daniel BP, Isac B, Andrew C, Otis FB, Arman Farahi F, Leo F, Max LF, Teddy M, Charlie N and Toby W