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The ‘Build Your Own Globe’ Competition Winners

24 February 2021


We are finally ready to announce the winners of the ‘Build Your Own Globe’ competition. Incredibly, the Head of Learning at the actual Globe Theatre, Lucy Cuthbertson, kindly agreed to judge the entries herself! Here is what she had to say:

‘Overall we were so impressed by the standard and having to choose winners was very difficult given that all the entries were really unique and demonstrated a very high level of creativity. 

1st - Hugo (pictured below, top) – chocolate flakes definitely swayed the judges due to their textural resemblance to thatch in a way we had never considered! His colour scheme is excellent & accurate, conveying the simplicity of design of the original. The photographs of the process are wonderful & very witty.


2nd - Akam – Video showed a research and thoughtfulness about Globe history which impressed us; we liked his eco, sustainable, recycled model, using found objects. He got pipped for a higher place because of the inclusion of chairs in the yard (which is standing only). We could imagine Alex as a future academic and perhaps historical documentary TV presenter.

Watch his video here...


Joint 3rd for their architectural approach –

Wilber (pictured below, right)– great architectural accuracy has managed to achieve a sense of the 20-sided structure and roundness of the outer walls at the same time - a beautiful, intricate model.

Alex (pictured below, left)– we admired the structural and architectural process here of starting with the rods and layers for the galleries then building around those – architect in the making.


There were lots of very positive comments about all of the other finalists:

Joe – an incredible achievement out of Lego, we loved the end result and his architectural eye shown through the photography – small details to drone height bird’s eye view.

Anand – we liked the minimalist approach, his geometric lines and in particular, the detail of the stair towers.

Montgomery – a very impressive & edible result and we loved his attention to detail in the process as shown in the photo.

Thanks for asking us to judge this and we hope to see you at the Globe very soon.’