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CMHW: Marina’s Breaking News Challenge

05 February 2021


Since we were treated to Marina Hyde’s masterclass journalism workshop on Monday, we have had entries flying in for her ‘Breaking News’ Challenge. Who better to inspire Caldicott to write engaging news articles, than an award-winning journalist? After this workshop and providing her news writing worksheet for assistance, she announced her challenge: write a ten sentence long (exactly ten sentences, not including the headline or subdeck) ‘breaking news’ article on the subject of ‘Caldicott Teacher Revealed to be Greek God’ or ‘Strange Creature Appears on Rugby Pitch During a Caldicott Match’. For anyone who has yet to complete their article, you have until Monday 8 February to hand it in to your relevant Google Classroom, after which Marina will judge 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the Lower, Middle and Senior School. These nine boys will earn themselves 'Highly Commended's and maybe even 'Superstar's!

Of our many brilliant entries so far, we have selected one from each age group to illustrate the different ways boys are interpreting the challenge and ‘expressing themselves’ in their writing.

Mr Banks revealed as Zeus (HH’s, 2nd Form)…

Alien lands on sports field (JM’s, 3rd Form)…

Mr Hutchings revealed to be Hercules (TW, 5th Form)….