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Starry Night Over Caldicott

15 December 2020


Alex and Antony are not only twins, but collaborators on a very special piece of art that can now be found proudly hanging up in the Front Hall. For the past three weekends the two boys, under the guidance of Mr Williams, have been tirelessly putting in the hours on their Van Gogh inspired masterpiece. Putting their own spin on this famous work was very important to them and as Mr Williams says, ‘In creating an updated version of this well-known work (replacing the cypress trees with a 'Christmas' fir tree and the imagined village with our school) they have made something that not only captures the magic of the season but an artwork that is very special to Caldicott’. 

Alex and Antony shared that working together came with its own set of challenges and as Antony put it proved to be a ‘new experience’. Alex was slightly less tactful, describing it as ‘quite hard’, but went on to say this was largely due to their different artistic styles. In terms of the painting itself, Antony suggested that the biggest difficulty laid in painting the school; as well as there not being many ariel shots of the whole school, it was difficult to make the distinction clear between the similar colours of the walls. Alex, on the other hand, found painting Van Gogh’s sky a test, with him not normally making his brush strokes visible.

The pictures below document their journey with this piece, and even shows them on their 13th birthday working hard to ensure the work was done before their deadline. Impressively, at the eleventh hour (the night before it needed to be completed) the boys made the finishing touches on ‘Starry Night Over Caldicott’. Mr Williams described it as a ‘tremendous effort’ and said, regardless of what Alex and Antony may say, ‘while they occasionally got in each other’s way, the boys worked very well together’.