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Caldicott Runners-up in Get Set Global Challenge

08 December 2020


After weeks of quizzing, researching and representing the school, the boys of Caldicott have achieved second place in the Get Set Global Challenge! This challenge marks the release of David Attenborough’s, A Life On Our Planet, and involved fun, free online resources being used to compete in quizzes and score points, attempting to rank the highest amongst schools across the world.

Anand and Aston of 4th Form have led the charge for Caldicott to really get involved in this important challenge. Anand took part in all the quizzes, even completing the research needed to make his own podcast on coral reefs, which was included in a past newsletter. Ma’am Naidoo originally brought this online event to the boys’ attention with these boys taking it in their stride, causing many other Caldicott boys and staff to get on board, resulting in an impressive 2nd place worldwide. This impressive result has meant the boys that took part have been given the opportunity to adopt an animal on behalf of Caldicott for the next year; they have decided on an Amur leopard as it is so critically endangered.

Anand said he really enjoyed participating and is already looking forward to taking part in the same challenge next year. It has been incredibly enriching for the boys; they have learnt about the importance of sustainability, all about our planet and have even had the experience of representing Caldicott on a global scale.

We are currently looking at arranging a screening of 'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet', more details can be found at