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Beau Goding wins Eton College Junior Piano Competition and OCs Take to the Stage

27 November 2020


We were thrilled to hear that Beau Goding (OC 2014 -2020) won the Eton College Junior Piano Competition this term. In addition to being a talented pianist, he also plays the cello to a very high standard. During his time at Caldicott, Beau was taught piano by Mr Stratton and performed in numerous concerts, recitals, and carol services. The Caldicott community may recall that he did a recital for the school during the summer lockdown to raise money for the Ruth Strauss Foundation, You can watch his recital on this link

Also, on the performing arts front, several OCs have landed exciting roles in productions at their senior schools.  

After a splendid performance as Richard Haney in The 39 Steps at Eton back in February, Harry Lloyd Yorke (OC 2011-2016) is playing Hamlet, which has been taken from stage to the screen due to Covid restrictions and has been leading the cast brilliantly.  Harry also received a 'show up for good', which is when a boy does a piece of work so good that it goes into the college archives for ever!  He got it in the summer term for an essay on History of Art.  

Arjun Nanda (2019-2020) played Daisy in The Great Gatsby for his house, West Arce. Hugo Evans (OC 2014-2020) did very well in the Shell Drama festival last month and will have a house play for The Park next term, and Adam Chambers (OC 2013-2017) directed the younger boys in Rendalls in a Shell Drama performance.  

Stowe have been filming their production of Corum Boy in the glorious grounds of the school, which is often used as a setting by professional production companies. OCs George Turner (OC 2014-2020 and drama scholar) and Eddie (OC 2014-2020 and Roxburgh all-rounder) Mercer are taking on the roles of Thomas and Alexander respectively, and Marlow Turner (2010-2016) is also in the production as one of the leading characters, Otis Gardiner! They have had to ensure all rehearsals are kept within their year bubbles and will continue this for the final production. Stowe are planning to include both recorded and filmed elements with live action 

In addition, Freddie Martineau (OC 2015-2020 and drama scholar) has made a very good impression at Uppingham and recently had a series of headshots taking for casting opportunities.