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The Lunchtime Concert was an Enormous Success

06 November 2020


Music continues to be an essential part of Caldicott, and something that never fails to bring the school together. That is why, despite being in an unfortunate situation where we are unable to fill the Centenary Hall with our proud parents, the excitement for our Lunchtime Concert on Thursday still swept through the school in its usual fashion. Although the Hall was empty apart from the live performers and production, every student in the lower school was able to watch the event live-streamed directly to their classrooms; meaning the integrity of the bubbles could be upheld.

With a combination of pre-recorded and live musicians on display, the boys and staff looked on with bated breath as the performers took to the stage and delivered outstanding pieces of music. The pianists opened the show featuring compelling pieces including Alex G with Allegretto Grazioso (Cornelius Gurlitt), Harrison E with Shadows (Walter Carroll) and Charlie B with Fur Elise (Beethoven). Topping off the show our 4th Form’s Percussion Ensemble played Future Calling, composed and assembled by our very own, Mr Brown.

Our performers, as always, put on an incredible show that flaunted not only their musical talent, but their perseverance to practise each day until they perfected their piece. The concert was a brilliant event enjoyed by the whole school and we eagerly look forward to the next one.

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