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Musical Presentation for New Parents in the Lower School

17 September 2020


On Tuesday and Wednesday, following the New Boys Information meetings, Mr Wild gave parents of new boys in the Lower School a brief introduction to the Caldicott Music Department. This mostly covered some administrative details and the protocols in place for delivering individual music lessons in person, on-site and safely at this time.

‘The Chain Reaction we are seeking to start is Confidence, Progress, Enjoyment. If boys and staff follow the guidelines rigorously, all parties will feel confident they are as safe as it is possible to be, and therefore concentrate on their lesson and work hard, so that they can feel they are making good progress, and this is what leads to the enjoyment following success’.  

He explained that the order of priority is getting the lessons up and running with a safe routine instilled in everyone, then looking at getting exams organised for those ready to take a grade. Finally, the department will look at some limited ensemble work, where possible, and ways of providing performance opportunities for boys to be enjoyed by parents and the school.

Each talk was prefaced by a performance on the guitar by Charlie N (Year 8) on Tuesday and Charlie B (Year 8) on Wednesday. We would like to thank both boys for their contributions; well done. 

The meetings were recorded and are available on request to those who missed the meeting.