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Caldicott Year 3 Art Exhibition

18 March 2020


The creativity and talents of the 1st Form boys were on display at the 1st Form Art Exhibition on Monday 16 March. Parents were invited to the Art Department to view work that the boys had been working on recently. The exhibition featured three projects: Patrick Herron, Observational Drawing and Self Portraits.

  • Patrick Herron
    Following a visit to the National Portrait Gallery last term, the boys made self-portraits in the style of Patrick Heron. Combining a full face view with a profile they captured the signature look, before completing their portraits using wax crayons and coloured inks.
  • Observational Drawing
    The boys produced carefully observed pencil drawings of their school shoes and trainers. These studied drawings took several weeks to complete. They were then photocopied, allowing each boy to develop his ideas whilst retaining the original intact. Once they had drawn over the copy with felt pen to outline the main elements of the shoe, they cut them out. Next, they produced an abstract background using blended chalks and masking tape. Having arranged their shoes on this background they stuck the images down. This new composition was then scanned and professionally printed on to a tote bag thus producing their ‘Shoe Bag’.
  • Self Portraits
    Having had their photographs taken, the boys employed both tracing and drawing techniques to produce a self-portrait, finished with colouring pencils. They were then tasked to design their own sweatshirt using sugar-paper and collage techniques, to complete their unique spring look.

The boys very much enjoyed showing their parents what they have been learning and creating in their Art lessons. Being able to see their final pieces on the wall presented like a real art gallery, was a fantastic moment for them.


Caldicott Year 3 Art Exhibition