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Caldicott Declamation Finals 2020

11 February 2020


The eagerly awaited final of the Senior Declamations Competition took place in Centenary Hall on Monday 10 February. This year Caldicott was pleased to welcome Mr Jon Newton, English teacher and House Master at Eton College, as adjudicator.

The evening marks the culmination of a process that starts with every boy from the Year 5 – Year 8 learning a chosen piece of writing by heart and declaiming to his classmates. This piece could be a poem, speech or an extract from a play, film or book. Mr Evans faced an arduous task, narrowing down the field to just a few performers from each year group. 

All finalists performed very well, with excellent delivery, clarity and confidence; it was very hard to choose the winners.

The results were:

  • Year 5: Anand NGoldilocks by Roald Dahl
  • Year 6: Ryan KRiver of Milk by Kaveh Akbar
  • Year 7: Charlie NA Prayer Before Birth by Louis MacNeice
  • Year 8: Edward MThe Devil’s Welcoming Speech by Rowan Atkinson

Mr Newton also gave a special commendation prize to Tom C (Year 6) for his recital of The Blind Side by John Lee Hancock.

The overall winner of the competition was Charlie N for his excellent delivery of A Prayer Before Birth with Mr Newton saying that Charlie delivered the piece very well, keeping the rhythm going throughout and with good pace building to the end.

Mr Newton commented that the boys were incredibly brave to take on such a task and recite pieces of work in front of their peers, family and teachers; they did remarkably well with such confidence. He went on to say that Caldicott was a special school that continues to do such events and celebrates the art of the spoken word. It was great to see an array of different genres and styles being covered.


Caldicott Declamations Winners