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Caldicott Boys retain Debating Trophy at The Oratory School Debating Day

06 February 2020


Caldicott was invited to attend the Oratory School Debating Day on Tuesday 4 December. Attended by 12 other prep schools; it is an annual event that the boys in Year 6 look forward to.

During the day, the boys took part in balloon debates, one-minute speaking tasks and public speaking workshops in the morning. At lunchtime, they were given their debating motion, and 30 minutes to write their speeches: This House believes that Disney promotes bad role models for children. They were opposing the motion.

Jimmy C opened with some thoughts on the characteristics that children are encouraged to have - perseverance (Dory), intelligence and wisdom (Yoda), Darth Vader (integrity),  kindness (Lightening McQueen); Kit WP followed with the life story of Pumbaa, 'the legendary bringer of gas', whose actions showed bravery, humour, wisdom and friendship; and Ryan K shattered the illusion that Disney's heroines are feeble and weak - not so, Moana, Beauty or Elsa - as he noted, the latter's perseverance in singing that song alone is to be commended.

The boys were recognised for their confidence, engagement, use of humour and good planning/construction in their speeches. It was a well-organised fantastic day which the boys and Ma’am Cusworth thoroughly enjoyed.

The team were delighted to bring home the winning shield for the second year running and the school hopes to make it a hat trick next year.


Caldicott Boys retain Debating Trophy at The Oratory School Debating Day