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Understanding Greta Thunberg through Art

30 January 2020


In conjunction with their Historic Figures project in PSHEE and their studies on Greta Thunberg, Year 4 also looked closely at her in Art.

To explain to the school what they have learnt, about her and climate change, they presented their work in assembly. Several boys spoke about the project and all the boys in the year showed their artwork. They told the school about the ongoing work that Greta is doing to promote awareness of the climate crises and her desire to get something done about it.

Below is part of what they said about the project.

In our Art lessons we began by looking at the painting Alice by an artist called Modigliani. It is a picture of a young teenage girl staring straight out at the viewer with large almond-shaped eyes, her face framed with dark hair. Modigliani’s style was to elongate the face and neck of his subjects.

We then looked at pictures of Greta and compared the faces of the two girls before we began our portrait of her, in the elongated style of Modigliani. Using oil pastels, we coloured her face and drew in Greta’s body with her arms in the same position as in the painting of Alice.

Having had many discussions in our art lessons about the work Greta is doing we each developed a background to our portrait which we felt sent out her message about climate. Using collage, photomontage and drawings, we all tried to be as original as possible in our approach.

Art can often contain a political or strongly felt opinion and this is something else we discussed in our lessons.


Year 4 presenting an assembly on Gret Thunberg

Image below right is 'Alice' by Modigliani.