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Year 4 Caldicott Boys Explore the National Gallery

29 January 2020


As part of their Art studies about ‘The World Around Us – Plants and Animals’, Caldicott boys in Year 4 visited the National Gallery to explore more on this theme and see large scale paintings up close. They were given a guided tour by the Gallery staff and had lots to learn, see and do.

As always, the National Gallery proves to be a very engaging place for the boys and they were all very interested in what they saw and had great discussions in front of several paintings.

The first painting the boys looked at was Flowers in a Terracotta Vase, a Dutch painting by Jan van Huysum in 1736. One of the things they learned was that tulips were the most expensive and prized flowers at the time. 

The next painting was The Four Element- Earth painted by Joachim Beuckelaer in 1569. The boys looked closely at all the fruit and vegetables in the picture and noticed that there were no potatoes on the market stall. This is because the American continent had not been discovered when the picture was painted and that’s where potatoes come from.

The painting the boys looked at in most detail was Surprised! by Henri Rousseau, painted in 1891. It was a picture the boys have been looking at in their Art lessons recently. They were excited to see it in real life and be able to look closely at how it had been painted.

The boys will be producing work in response to this painting for the rest of term.


Year 4 Caldicott Boys at the National Gallery