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Autumn Concert 2019

27 November 2019


Caldicott musicians raised the roof of the Performing Arts Centre on Tuesday evening for the annual Autumn Concert.

Boys from Year 5 to Year 8 took part in the concert with a range of solo performances on the piano, drums and violin, and group playing from the Brass Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Ensembles and the Percussion Ensemble.

Performances included the Brass Ensemble with Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen, a duet on the drums from Leo T (Year 7) and Tristan Z (Year 6) with Pina Collada by Brian Stone, Valiant L (Year 6) on the violin with Concerto in A Minor by Vivaldi and to end the concert, the Percussion Ensemble playing Tales of the Unexpected by Ron Grainer arr. by Caldicott Visiting Music Teacher J Bown. The standout performance of the night came from Beau G (Year 8) on the piano with a rousing Toccatta by Katchachurian. He garnered a standing ovation after his performance, which was started by his classmates showing great admiration for such a talented musician.

The evening highlighted many gifted instrumentalists at the school and the wonderful ensembles that are becoming more and more popular to take part in – even for those who do not have formal individual lessons. There is something for everyone and the boys are relishing in the opportunity for further musical opportunities in the future.

‘I was delighted that the boys taking part had so many individual triumphs and successes with music of such a wide variety of styles and range of difficulty being performed. My thanks to the parents for their continued support, and to all the teaching team who do such valuable work with their students both individually and collectively. I believe we have a visibly apparent and growing respect and appreciation for the performing arts in our school community, and this enhances the lives of everyone. It is a privilege for each and every one of their performances to contribute to this culture.’ - James Wild, Director of Performing Arts