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Building a Country

18 November 2019


This term, the Reasoning Club have been busy creating their own country, with their efforts coming to an end this week as they presented their countries to the rest of the class.

In groups, they discussed what the country would look like, it’s food source, energy source, traditions, culture, laws, created a flag and wrote a national anthem.

For this project, the boys needed to do a lot of research about different types of countries and how each are set up. They also needed to think critically and problem solve certain aspects of their plans to make them fit in with a working country. Most important of all, they needed to work as a team to successfully build their country and present their ideas to their peers.

The boys created wonderful versions of their own countries, making maps, analysing transport systems, thinking about the ecology and how their governments or ruling system works.

Some of the names of these new countries included Ecossia, Pondelais, Kazonia and Fishland.

A theme that ran throughout the boys' ideas of new countries was sustainability, an important topic which the boys at Caldicott are taking very seriously.


Year 6 build their own countries