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Caldicott Boy Receives a Blue Peter Badge for Music

11 November 2019


In September, Blue Peter launched a new badge designed by Ed Sheeran to mark BBC Music Day. He designed the badge to help inspire children to learn to play musical instruments and get involved in playing and performing.

Tom F (Year 4), decided he would take up the challenge and entered, especially when he has started to play the guitar. Below is his report about his experience.


Last week, on Saturday, I won a Blue Peter music badge designed by Ed Sheeran! At first, I found guitar very difficult, but my parents pushed me a lot and I’m very grateful.

[To enter] Firstly, I had to write what instrument I played and give details of a performance I played in.

Secondly, I had to write what my three favourite songs were and what they meant to me.

Finally, I had to interview a guardian [about their musical memories and favourite songs]. This was my dad.

I really want to thank my family for encouraging me to keep going with the guitar even when I didn’t want to. So, “thank you!”


Tom was very excited to have won a badge and brought it into school to show the other boys in his class. Perhaps he will encourage some of his friends to learn music if they don’t already.


Caldicott Boy with his Blue Peter Music Badge