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Making Music on percussion with Joby Burgess

11 October 2019


Earlier this year, Caldicott was very privileged to take ownership of a range of full size professional concert tuned percussion instruments, including a concert marimba, concert vibraphone and three concert xylophones. To celebrate and showcase these fantastic instruments, the 6th Form have been developing their musical skills with the help of Britain’s most diverse percussionist, Joby Burgess.

Joby is best known for his virtuosic, often lissom performances, daring collaborations, extensive education work and regularly appearing throughout the world.

Over the course of this half term, the 6th Form have taken part in a series of workshops with Joby. During this time each group learnt a piece of music which they showcased to their family and friends in a concert on Thursday 10 October.

The pieces were arrangements of the following:

·         6T – Mopti Street by Simon Limbrick

·         6Y – Radioactivity by Kraftwerk

·         6A - January V by Max Roach

·         6R – Street Song, a West African traditional tune


After the boys performed, the audience then heard from Joby himself who played a variety of different styles of music on a range of instruments, including two Fanta bottles! The recital was varied and very exciting to watch visually as well as being an amazing sonic experience. It was a fantastic evening of music making and a wonderful opportunity to see the boys and Joby perform exceptional work.

Caldicott would like to express their thanks to the benefactors for their generosity and vision in enabling the school to have these beautiful instruments. Thanks also go to the 6th Form for their hard work and delightful performances, and to Joby for leading this project and delivering a really unique and special evening for boys, parents and staff.


Year 8 playing in a percussion concert with Joby Burgess