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Year 4 get an Education from Miss Trunchball at Matilda the Musical

07 October 2019


Year 4 boys were very excited to see Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre in London on Wednesday 2 October.

The trip formed a cross-curricular link with the work that the boys have been doing in English this term. They have been studying the importance of strong characters in a story and how descriptive language can bring both ‘nice’ and ‘nasty’ characters to life.

The boys were enthralled as the story of Matilda unfolded before them, marvelling at the ambitious set which transformed from Matilda’s living room to the horrors of Trunchball Hall in the blink of an eye. The staff all enjoyed the performance too and have since been heard singing the songs in the Lower School corridor.

The boys’ highlights included:

  • ‘My favourite part in the play was when Miss Trunchball puts laser beams around the stage. It was exciting and scary!’ Gabriel D
  • ‘I loved seeing Bruce eating the entire chocolate cake!’ Tom F
  • ‘My favourite part of Matilda was when she used her eyes to move the chalk as I loved seeing the face of Miss Trunchball as it was happening!’ Jackson C
  • ‘I loved it when Miss Trunchball called everyone a maggot!’ Toby A


Year 4 Caldicott boys at the Cambridge Theatre to see Matilda