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Author Tom Palmer talks to Caldicott Boys about Books, Sport and everything in between

16 September 2019


Caldicott hosted a fantastic event on Friday 13 September with author Tom Palmer, children’s author.

To tie in with the start of the Rugby World Cup, School Librarian, Anna Elson, arranged for Tom to come and talk to the boys in the 1st – 5th Form about his books. Particularly, his series of novels ‘Rugby Academy’. These books are set in an English boarding school and features a new boy who is about to start his GCSEs and finds settling into school life hard. Many of the boys can relate to this topic, and it went down very well with them.

Tom also had the chance to answer lots of questions from the boys themselves, who were very enthusiastic about his books. He then turned the tables and asked the boys some questions about a variety of topics, but mostly what they can read in newspapers, magazines and books. Those boys that correctly answered the quiz questions were invited to play a rugby kicking competition and ultimately win the ‘Rugby Reading Competition’.

The winners were: Jackson C (2nd Form), Edward C (4th Form) and Bingham D (5th Form). The game was lively, and all the boys were cheered on for taking part. Ma’am Elson was especially proud of Louis Morris who came second in the competition and demonstrated great sportsmanship when Jackson kicked the winning shot.

After the kicking, Tom was able to sign books for the boys and many staff members have taken great delight in seeing the boys walking around the school site reading his books.


Author Tom Palmer visits Caldicott