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1st Form Art Exhibition

25 March 2019


The creativity and talents of the 1st Form boys were on display at the 1st Form Art Exhibition on Monday 25 March. Parents were invited to the Art Department to view work that the boys had been working on recently. The exhibition featured four projects: Victorian portraits, still life and tote bags in the style of Matisse, self-portraits and the Nutcracker.

  • Still Life and Tote Bags
    Having produced a carefully observed drawing, from a still life set up in the Art Room, the boys were shown the colourful work of Henri Matisse. Using Matisse as inspiration, the boys used oil pastels and ink painting techniques to add vibrant colour to their own drawings. These were then professionally printed onto tote bags.
  • Self-Portrait Collage
    The boys had their photos taken during their first Art lesson at school. They then used different techniques such as tracing, drawing and collaging to create their own self-portrait. They were encouraged to use paper of unusual colours and had to work with great care and skill to cut out the required shapes to make their picture.
  • Victorian Portraits
    After their trip to the National Portrait Gallery in London, the boys studied portraits from the Victorian era. They then made their own versions using coloured pencils as their media of choice.
  • The Nutcracker Soldiers
    At Christmas, the boys learnt about the tradition of the Nutcracker. They used this as inspiration to create their own drawings using coloured pencils and gold and silver pens to add detail.

The boys very much enjoyed showing their parents and family members what they have been learning and creating in their Art lessons. Being able to see their final pieces on the wall presented like a real art gallery was a fantastic moment for them.


1st Form Art Exhibition at Caldicott