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The Wider Earth

08 February 2019


This week, the 4th Form went on a fantastic theatrical adventure to the Natural History Museum where they watched David Morton’s The Wider Earth.

The play follows the 22 year old Charles Darwin as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime on HMS Beagle, setting sail on a voyage to the far side of the world. Brought to life by a cast of seven, alongside remarkable puppetry and dazzling animations, The Wider Earth was a spellbinding production that educated the boys on how Darwin came upon the theory that changed everything and how we see the world today.

The boys were captivated from the moment the show began and were all mesmerised by the wonderful puppetry and special effects; the underwater scenes were truly magical. It was quite remarkable how the small cast brought to life some of the most magical places and animals on earth with such creativity. It was truly fitting for it to be staged in the museum and the boys enjoyed hunting for the sculpture of Charles Darwin which sits in main hall.

The play was a fantastic way to combine learning about science and the natural world with theatre and drama.


Caldicott 4th Form visit the Natural History Museum to see The Wider Earth