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Excellence in Computational Thinking

06 December 2018


This year, the School once again entered all boys into the University of Oxford Bebras Computational Thinking competition and we had some excellent results.

The competition aims to raise awareness of Computer Science and involves solving problems using computational thinking skills. Meaning that competitors will solve problems using techniques that software engineers use to write programmes and apps. This includes the ability to break down complex tasks into simpler components, algorithm design, pattern recognition, pattern generalisation and abstraction.

Max C (5th Form) came an amazing 36th in his age group. Whilst at first 36th does not sound that impressive, but when it is put into the context of 59,804 entries for Year 7 (5th Form) it means that Max is in the top 0.006% of entrants. This is an amazing achievement and in recognition of this, he has been invited to attend the final at the University of Oxford along with 60 others. On the day Max will also have the opportunity to tour the Computer Science faculty and take part in a day of lectures.

We are also extremely pleased that the following 18 boys also placed in the top 10% nationally. They have been invited to a follow-up online competition in March.

  • Ben Sh (4th Form)
  • Ben St (4th Form)
  • Mikhail G (4th Form)
  • Jamie S (4th Form)
  • Alfie M (4th Form)
  • Harry M (5th Form)
  • Steven W (5th Form)
  • Ben S (5th Form)
  • Beau G (5th Form)
  • Maximilian C (5th Form)
  • Siwei F (5th Form)
  • Hugh W (5th Form)
  • Dylan K (6th Form)
  • Lucas P (6th Form)
  • Hunter DJ (6th Form)
  • Hector KS (6th Form)
  • Fabian WP (6th Form)
  • Oliver C (6th Form)

Overall, 63 boys placed in the top 25% nationally and were awarded Distinctions. This was the school’s best year for BEBRAS yet and we are proud of the boys for doing so well.

Awards for Best in School in each category went to:

  • Toby P (1st Form) - Kits, age 6-8
  • Alex L (2nd Form) - Castors, age 8-10
  • Max C (5th Form) - Juniors, age 10-12
  • Dylan K and Lucas P (6th Form) - Intermediate, age 12-14


BEBRAS Computational Thinking Skills